📕 Comment on Gold on January 13, 2022:

 - In yesterday's session, precious metal Gold went right as analyzed when it fell to 1814 and then bounced up to 1828, closing the day session with a bullish candle around 1825.  This is the fourth day in a row that Gold keeps this uptrend and in my opinion it is likely that Gold will continue to rise in today's session.

 - Gold is currently meeting the old resistance area around 1828-1832, so it is possible that in the beginning of today's session, Gold will have a slight correction before it can rally again and if there is any deep correction.  then in my opinion it is an opportunity for us to establish a buy position.  The closest support area for this precious metal is around 1814-1817 if Gold drops to this price range we can establish a buy position with the target at the "old top" 1828-1832 and my expectation Gold will  can break this "top".

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