Important News on Gold Analysis/Xauusd

 Xauusd H1

The market price moving in a ranging state yesterday has tested on the support area as well as the trendline and the continuation of the uptrend took place after the market-tested at the level of 1776.00

Closing this third week what are the possibilities that can happen to the market price movement?

From this morning's trend.  The price that opened at the level of 1782.00 did rise and is in the first resistance area of ​​1785.00 and if seen in the timeframe m15 the price tendency to climb is seen as possible.  So here I attach the levels of support and resistance for today.

 R1: 1785.00

 R2: 1791.00

 R3: 1801.00


 S1: 1779.00

 S2: 1773.00

 S3: 1763.00

In the current situation, the market price is still dominated by the uptrend in a small timeframe but it is likely that a downtrend can occur if there is any reversal point at the level of 1791.00 because there is a confluence where the trendline and resistance level are there.

But risk management should be emphasized through the value of equity on your trading account.

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Initial Jobless Claims, USA: Forex Signals

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WHAT'S HAPPENING: The Initial Jobless Claims released by the U.S. Department of Labor is a measure of the number of people filing first-time claims for state unemployment insurance. In other words, it provides a measure of strength in the labor market. A larger than expected number indicates weakness in this market which influences the strength and direction of the U.S. economy. If jobless claims fall, it is seen as positive or bullish for the USD.

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📕 Comment on Gold on October 20, 2021

  - True to the analysis, when in yesterday's session, precious metals Gold rose first, fell later, After rising to 1785 Gold fell sharply to 1767. Closing the day session with a bullish long beard candle.  The drop was quite strong at the end of the day, but the support price zone of 1767 was still held.  So in my personal opinion at this price zone, precious metal Gold is likely to have slight recovery spans.

 - On the H4 timeframe we can see this most clearly when the price is in the support zone.  We can refer to the current bullish buy signal with a safe target around 1775. If Gold price breaks 1760 and goes down, we will consider selling down,

📕 Comment on Gold on October 19, 2021

In yesterday's trading session, precious metal Gold dropped from 1771 to 1760 ($11) and closed the day session with a bearish candle, but yesterday's dropping force Gold decreased.  not strong and currently touching MA20 support on the daily chart.

 In my personal opinion at the beginning of today's trading session I am biased to the upside for precious metal Gold, we can consider buying the current price with a safe target around 1773-1775.  If the price of Gold breaks 1760 and goes down, we will consider the option to sell down.

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#3. Never Trade on Every Market Movement

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#5. Go with Your Trading Plan Always

#6. Make Your Risk Strategy

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Let's have an important update on Gold

In yesterday's trading session, precious metal Gold was on-trend when the price bounced up from 1786 to 1800 ($14).  Closing the day session with a bullish candle, however, the upward force was more limited compared to the previous 2 days.  In my personal opinion, after touching the resistance area around 1800 precious metals, Gold is showing it's slowing down and it is possible that around this price zone there will be a slight correction.

On the weekly and daily time frame, it also clearly shows this resistance when Gold hits MA20 on W1 as well as the downtrend line that has lasted from June 1, 2021, until now and in order to continue increasing, Gold needs a slight correction.  necessary, needs.  We can establish a short position in the current price zone with the target around 1782.

Sell ​​GOLD current price 1795 and sell limit at 1798

 SL: 1805

 TP: 1790 1785 1780

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Comment on Gold on October 14, 2021

In yesterday's trading session, the precious metal Gold officially broke the sideways price zone nearly 1 week before.  Precious metal Gold bounced sharply from 1757 to 1796 ($39), closing the session with a strong bullish candle around 1792. With the precious metal Gold's strong breakout, I think Gold is likely will continue to be boosted uptrend at the beginning of today's session.

On the H4 time frame, we can see that the precious metal is currently showing signs of a slight correction, this is a downward correction so we can establish a buy position and in my opinion, it is likely to be around 1785.  precious metals will bounce back with a target of 1796-1805.  We can wait for the price to correct slightly to buy up because, with a strong increase like yesterday, it is a bit difficult to make a deep correction.

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Important News on Gold Analysis/Xauusd

 Xauusd H1 The market price moving in a ranging state yesterday has tested on the support area as well as the trendline and the continuation...