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 The price which is still in a flat state is not able to break on the large support and resistance areas, only being at the level of 50 pips from 1785.00 to 1795.00

 From this movement, the short-term trading potential is seen to be the focus as this expectation will continue to occur if the market price is only in the horizontal zone now.  Meanwhile, the levels of 1795.00, 1790.00, and 1785.00 will be the nearest support and resistance levels at this time.

 In doing short-term trading, the first aspect that needs to be emphasized is the key level where the candlestick does a rejection at that level because this trading opportunity can be seen clearly at this key level.

 In my opinion, in a trade like this, the confluence is needed to see the potential movement from the technical policy because, at present, there is no sentiment that can push the moving market for a larger movement.

 I see, from the broad overview of this gold chart, the downtrend is still dominating the current market price.  If trading is to be done, looking for selling potential is better at this point until the target is at yesterday’s low.

 This short-term trading risk can take between 1: 1-1: 2 with a minimum lot size and the use of the risk of 1% of the equity available on the trading account, because the potential to buy and sell at this point will be seen.

 Finally, if tonight the US opens stronger, most likely the 1785.00 prices could be broken from the support level to the resistance.

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